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ChatGPT prompt generator
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ChatGPT as prompt generator for MJ

Let’s see what we can do with the aid of ChatGPT. We are in a lazy mood…

Arcane symbol Beatnik style - Midjourney
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Prompt generator for styles

A prompt generating tool helps to generate a base idea in different styles, allowing the user to…

Elvis Presley portait - Midjourney
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Mixing prompts

Sometimes I come across an interesting prompt, or a collection of them, and I wonder what would…

Andy Warhol portrait - Midjourney
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How apply styles

This is a brief of a more large study about style modifiers versus prompts. Which is the…

Color: Gold - Midjourney
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Only one color

No monotones, no duotones, simply drop a color in the MJ prompt and you will obtain a…