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Who is MAIDArt? Or better…. what is MAIDArt?

MAIDArt is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create art. Artists can use machine learning tools and neural networks to generate unique and original works of art. These programs can take existing images or art and modify them in various ways, such as applying different filters or styles, or creating new images from scratch.

AI-generated art can be very creative and surprising, and can use techniques and styles that are difficult to replicate manually. Some people even consider AI-generated art to be a form of art in itself, and there have been exhibitions and events dedicated to this type of art. However, there are also controversies surrounding AI-generated art, and some argue that it is not authentic or truly “art” in the traditional sense. This is something that each person must decide for themselves.

Si, in those pages you will find writings about AI tools and trends, pages about our creations and also products like books, magazines, newsletters or NFTs also!

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Welcome to the AI trip. This is so exciting for us!! Let’s go!!!


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