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Prompt generator for styles

A prompt generating tool helps to generate a base idea in different styles, allowing the user to choose the best one. Essentially, the tool provides a starting point or inspiration for writing in various genres or tones, such as comedy, drama, horror, or romance. The user can input a basic idea or keyword, and the tool will generate a variety of prompts or suggestions that transform the initial idea into different styles or genres. This allows the user to explore different creative directions and choose the one that best fits their vision or intended audience. In summary, a prompt generating tool helps to spark creativity and provide a starting point for writers who want to explore different styles and genres.

That’s what the follogin tool does, and does it well!

Using “arcane symbol” as initial idea, the tool generates 10 different prompt like these:

arcane symbol, minimalist, Dark Nautical, Gloomcore, wide-angle, Game engine rendering, Motion blur, Projection mapping, colours are muted colors, Greaser, flood lighting, Ultra-realistic, highly detailed, natural lighting, ocean environment, Unity engine, 8k –v 4 –q 2 –s 750

arcane symbol, Vibrant, Dark Naturalism, Laser Printed, face shot, Substance 3D, Flat, Digital painting, olive colors, D�j� vu, fluorescent lighting, 8-bit –v 4 –q 2 –s 750

and so on…

Try it! It’s free!



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