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Rat Rods

Rat Rods are a type of hot rod, which is a style of custom car that originated in the United States in the 1930s. Rat Rods are known for their rough and rugged look, inspired by the “ratty” or worn-out appearance of pre-World War II vehicles. They are typically built with vintage parts and have a stripped-down, minimalist appearance, often featuring exposed engines and raw metal surfaces. The cars often have a vintage or antique feel and are meant to evoke the spirit of early hot rods. Unlike traditional hot rods, Rat Rods are not necessarily built to be highly polished or finished, but instead are meant to look like they have been put together quickly and roughly. The style has a cult following and Rat Rods can be seen at hot rod shows and car events.

Rat Rods often feature custom designs, hand-built engines and unique modifications. They are typically built to perform, but the focus is on their raw, unrefined appearance. Rat Rod owners often see their vehicles as a form of self-expression and enjoy driving and showing off their unique and often personalized rides. The style is heavily influenced by the DIY culture and the Rat Rod community values creativity and resourcefulness in building their vehicles. Many Rat Rod enthusiasts enjoy the challenge of finding and using vintage parts to create their own unique take on the style. Rat Rods are also often designed to reflect a specific era or theme, such as the 1930s or 1940s, or to evoke a particular mood or atmosphere. Overall, Rat Rods are a celebration of individuality and creativity, and the owners and builders of these cars are passionate about their rides and the culture that surrounds them.

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