Koi fish style Andy Warhol

The Koi Fish Archetype

When we want to test a style, a material, a type of lighting, anything that affects how an image will be generated, a model or archetype is usually used. It can be a Nazgul, a ball, a teapot (a classic from the 80s), a character… and using the same one, we generate and test different styles. Through the trial and error of many public prompts, interesting and perhaps unconventional archetypes can be found. This is the case with koi fish. A species of carp that due to its colorful and shape offers an interesting figure to see the differences between different artistic, photographic and environmental styles.

koi fish
koi fish

Next, we include a gallery with different artistic styles according to the authors of them. Some may be obvious and others not. We challenge you to guess as many as possible. In future deliveries, the author of each will be revealed.

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